Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Week After the Election

I've been waiting for Barak Obama to be elected to say what needs to be said. Some will ask, "Why not write this sooner?" Well, sometimes you need the "other side" to be in a place of power in order to no appear like you're trying to benefit yourself. So, let's get to it.

The lack of respect and honor for the President of the United States of America has disturbed me for some time. Most Christians have acted (and I've gotten caught up in it) with an attitude of disrespect as long as we're criticizing the "other side." The problem with this is that as Christians, we are called to have an attitude of respect for those civic servants that run our nation. Jesus and Paul called Christians in the Roman Empire to have this kind of respect for one of the most ungodly, secular, sexually disturbed cultures in history.

So here's my plea: Let's use the election of Obama as an opportunity to restore some Christian respect for the office of the President. Obama is a good man with a good family. You may or may not agree with his policies and positions...that will play out in good time. However, to show open disrespect and disdain for a many elected to the highest political position in the world only teaches our children and grandchildren a behavior that is clearly condemned in scripture.

Pray for your leaders...especially for Obama. We need to pray for his wisdom and integrity. We need to pray for his safety. We need to pray for his girls. We need to pray that he will govern from the center and publicly support those Christian beliefs he has touted during the election. We need to pray for his purity because temptations will be presented to him. We even need to pray for his protection from his own party. A number of democrats view him as a puppet to utilized for their own agendas.

God has blessed us with freedom. Let's use that freedom to pray for him. Either way, you're on God's side. If you consider him a friend, then prayer only makes sense. If you consider him an enemy, Christ taught that you should pray for your enemies.

These are just a few of my thoughts one week after our nation accomplished an amazing thing: Elected...by popular and electoral votes...a black man that 50 years ago couldn't even be considered as a candidate. Praise God we've come this far and let's hope God will be part of his thinking and governing.